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Pdsa petaid scheme

S.P.A Vets is now a PetAid practice.

What is PDSA PetAid?

The PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals) is a UK charity that treats sick and injured animals.

There are 43 PDSA PetAid hospitals throughout the UK.

In communities too small for a PDSA hospital, they arrange for local veterinary practices to provide PDSA-funded treatment on their behalf.

And that’s where we come in- S.P.A Vets is now a PDSA PetAid Practice.

Treatment to PDSA registered clients is provided free of charge, although they are always asked to make a donation towards the cost of the treatment of their pet.

 Who qualifies for treatment?

As a charity, the PDSA relies solely on public donations. As such, they do not have the funds required to treat all sick and injured pets. Their limited resources are concentrated on those animals whose owners are most in need.

Only clients in receipt of Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit will be considered.

How to register a pet?

Owners must register their pet in advance to guarantee free, PDSA funded treatment.

To register, an application form will need to be completed, which is available from us.

This needs to be signed by a vet confirm the animal in question is currently well and not showing any signs or symptoms of injury or disease. In order to do this check, a consultation fee will need to be paid.

S.P.A Vets also insists that the animal you wish to register is fully vaccinated, and up to date with boosters. If the pet is not already vaccinated, we can arrange to do this for you. This will be instead of the initial, payable consultation, although the vaccinations themselves will need to be paid for.

The application form, once completed and signed by the vet needs to be sent away (which we will do for you) and accompanied by:

·         A £7.50 registration fee to assist with administration costs.

·         A photocopy of the documents proving that you are in receipt of the benefits mentioned above. (We can copy these for you if you require).


Are there any restrictions?

PDSA PetAid services are restricted to companion animals kept in the home or a hutch.

Only one pet per household can be registered.

The PDSA does not cover charges for:

  • Call-out fees charged by the practice for treatment outside normal working hours.
  • Vaccination and neutering- S.P.A Vets insists that routine vaccinations are kept up to date, and we strongly recommend neutering. Any charges as a result of the being unvaccinated (e.g. diseases that could have been vaccinated against) or un-neutered (e.g. pregnancy diagnosis, caesarean section, etc.) will NOT be covered.
  • Other routine preventative treatments such as parasite (flea and worm) treatments, or the treatment resulting from lack of preventative healthcare (e.g. flea/worm infestations, obesity etc.).
  • Prescription pet foods.
  • Laboratory tests not essential for a diagnosis.
  • Referrals to specialists.
  • Health checks.
  • House visits
  • Post-mortem examinations.

“The PDSA believes all pet owners, no matter what their circumstances, have a responsibility for the care and welfare of their pets. A good diet, proper exercise regime, regular vaccinations, parasite control and neutering are considered essential components of pet care.”

 If you think you may be eligible and would like some more information, please contact the surgery and speak to a member of staff. Alternatively, you can contact the PDSA directly on 0800 854194, or visit their website at www.pdsa.org.uk

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